Achievement - The art of doing better than others

A great Indian Social and spiritual reformer used to travel frequently to preach the people to adopt practices for social and spiritual betterment. One day, on the bank of the river, he was waiting for a boatman to cross the river. Meanwhile, a saint came there and asked him about what he was doing there. The reformer told him about his waiting for boatman to cross the river. On hearing this, the saint told the reformer, “ I have heard that you are a great spiritual leader but you do not know the simple art of crossing a river by walking on the water.” The reformer said, “ That is true. I do not know how to walk on the water. Do you know it?” The saint said proudly, “Yes” and crossed the river walking on the water and cam back. The reformer asked the saint, “How much time have you taken to learn this art?” The saint replied proudly, “Twenty years.“ Meanwhile, the boatman came and told reformer that he would be charging two paise from him to get on other side of the river. On this, the reformer told the saint, “ What you have learned in twenty years is just worth two paise. I believe that you have wasted twenty years of your precious time.”

Learning from the story is that any spectacular achievement is meaningless if it does not have social relevance. Socially- relevant achievements are remembered for years or even for generations.