Commitment Its Your Choice

Commitment is a kind of dedication that people show while working. This commitment is required is every field of life and determines the degree of success. For example, Vince Lombardi has written long back as follows :

The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to his commitment to excellence, regardless of his chosen field of endeavor.

In fact, when you are sure and sincere about what you want to achieve, your commitment is already there which implies that you put your maximum possible efforts to achieve it. If you do not have such a commitment, it shows that you are not really sincere to what you want to achieve. It is merely a wishful thinking, which never pays any dividend. It is merely your preference for achieving something; it is not your conviction for achieving that thing. There is basic difference between preference and conviction. Preference is a kind of choice that may change under pressure while conviction becomes stronger under pressure; more stronger the pressure is built by external forces, more stronger the convictions becomes. Remember the conviction shown by freedom fighters during the process of freeing India. More cruelties the British showed against these freedom fighters, more strength they showed to their mission. You are required to show this kind of conviction to you mission of achieving something. In its absence, your mission is unlikely to be achieved because you will put only half-hearted efforts. For such people, work becomes the consideration of satisfaction.