Confidence I Will Prevail Over Them

Swami Dayananda Saraswati went to kashi (Varanasi), the most renowned place of vedic learning, to participate in a debate on vedas. He was pitched against many learned pundits of Kashi. On hearing this news, one of the followers of swamiji came and asked him, “ The pundits of kashi are well known for their knowledge and erudite, well-versed with the scriptures, how are you going to win over them in the ensuing debate? Even if you are able to defeat any one of them in argument, how are you going to prevail over all of them who are many?” Swamiji replied, “ Among all the pundits, there is one Shastri from south who has some understanding of Vedas; he can talk to me for some time. The rest are not so able and learned; they have some knowledge of new vedant only and know some grammar. Therefore, I am confident that I will be able to prevail over all the twenty-seven pundits who have been invited to participate in the debate.” Swamiji prevailed the pundits and won the debate. One of the main reasons for winning was his self – confidence.