Conformity - You become what you believe you

There once was an Indian brave that was walking down the trail when he discovered an eagles egg had fallen out of it's nest. He looked up and saw that the nest was too high for him to return the egg. So he placed the egg in a nearby prairie chicken nest. The eagle Bird grew up thinking he was a prairie chicken. He clucked like a chicken, walked like a chicken, lived like a chicken. Like the other chickens, his “flight” was nothing more than the flailing of wings, taking him only a few feet at a time.

One bright spring day, the eagle bird saw an awesome sight. It was a huge, graceful bird soaring high in the sky-gliding almost effortlessly. The changeling was amazed. “What was that?” he asked his prairie chicken mother. “Oh,” she said, “ "That's Eagle, chief of the birds - the greatest, fastest, and most magnificent of all birds.” "How smoothly it flies. I wish I could do that," said Eagle bird. "Don't give that another thought," said his prairie chicken mother. "We Prairie Chickens can never fly high. We're meant to stay down here, scratching and pecking in the dirt. "The eagle bird thought how wonderful it would be to be an eagle. What a joy it must be to look so beautiful, to fly so gracefully, to be so magnificent. But, because he knew he could never be like the eagle, the eagle bird quickly forgot about what he had seen and went on living as he always had.

Days, seasons, and years passed. It grew up, grew old and died, thinking it was an awkward, clumsy Prairie Chicken.