Creativity Doing Things Differently

Creativity is related to generation of new ideas or to conceive new prospective on existing ideas. An idea is a notion, thought, or any product of intellectual action. Examples of creativity are: finding out a new method of working which is better that the old method, creating a new product which is better that the old product, creating a new system which is better than the old system, and so on.

Creativity is required because of the operation of the law of equifinality. This law of equifinality is applicable to any type of work – business, sports and game, education, entertainment, social welfare, politics, and so on. The laws of equifinality suggest that final outcome can be achieved by a variety of alternatives. However, all alternatives may not be equally effective. Some alternatives may be less time consuming, others more. Some alternatives may require less energy, others more. Some alternatives may be socially relevant, others may not be. Since various alternatives are generated by creative process, creativity helps in identifying these alternatives to choose from.