Emotions Keeping Emotions in Right Proportion

Emotions refer to a feeling with its distinctive thoughts, psychological states, and ranges of propensities to act. There are hundreds of emotions with their blends. Some of the more common emotions that affect human behavior are: Enjoyment, Love, Anger, Fear, Sadness, Disgust, Shame, and Surprise. What is common with all such emotions is that these are found in all types of people universally and affect their behavior. When these emotions are at the optimum level, they affect behavior positively. When they cross the optimum level, they effect negatively. Management of emotions involves keeping them at optimum level.

For managing emotions to keep them at optimum level, a new type of intelligence has been recognized which is know as emotional intelligence and is measured in terms of emotional quotient (EQ) just as intelligence is measured in terms of intelligence quotient (IQ). Emotional intelligence involves knowing what feels good, what feels bad, and getting from bad to good. It involves emotional awareness and emotional management skills, which enable you to balance emotion and reason so as to maximize your long-term happiness. In today’s context, emotional intelligence has become very important in doing something meaningful because of various types of environmental pressures and other factors that may tend to disturb you emotionally. Emotional intelligence contributes a lot for becoming successful person.