Stress : In this world, there is always danger for those who are afraid of it

Modern life is full of stress. This is true for all the person either you are winner or loser. Stress is a basically the impact of one object on another. There are three terms which are used synonymously to denote the impact phenomenon - stress, strain and pressure.

Stress causes behavioral change which is in the form of deviation from usual behavior. If the stressor, may be event or news, is within one's tolerance level, the behavioral change will not be very unusual and will not cause any worry. When the stressor is strong and is beyond one's tolerance, the behavioral change will be very unusual and will worry.

Is stress Good for you?

Though stress, in general, is treated as bad, it is not true. In fact, many stressors are positive and bring the best from a person. Have you faced a situation in which you were asked to finish the work within a stipulated time though the time given you was not sufficient? If yes, what did you do in that situation? Perhaps, you might have put your utmost energy to complete the work within the stipulated time. You might have treated the stressor as a challenge to your capability and not merely as a stressor. The stressor which provides challenge for better work is positive and is called eustress. The stressor which is beyond the coping ability of a person is negative and is called distress. In common parlance, this distress is simply called as stress. That is why we associate negative connotation with stress. Thus, optimum level stress is one that provides you challenge for better work. Beyond that, it becomes distress.

Stress below optimum level is also bad because that fails to ignite you for better performance. However optimum level stress is not fixed but varies with the person. What is optimum level of stress for one person may be distress for another person. Similarly, what is optimum level stress for one person may be very mild level stress for another person which fails to enthuse him for better work. Therefore, you have to determine what the optimum level stress is for you.