Time - If lost you cant get it back

Time is the scarcest element in the life of everyone. This is more so in the case of high achievers as they have to put more work for high achievement as compared to others irrespective of the fact that both have a day consist of 24 hours. Unlike other resources, time once lost can never be regained. With the result, one’s work suffers in the proportion of time lost. Time management ensures that the time is not lost. It also stimulates proper allocation of time to different activities. Therefore, you must practice time management to ensure rational use of your time. In the time management, emphasis is put on two aspects – eliminating those factors that are time wasters and making rational use of time.

For eliminating time wasters, you have to identify these, though time wasters may differ from person to person, following time wasters are more common.

Unorderly method of working
Unnecessary gossip
Unscheduled visitors
Family tension
Failure to set priorities
Lack of scheduling
Attempting to do so many things at a time.

Apart from time wasters, you must follow time management by allocating your time to different activities in such a way that each activity gets your time in proportion to its contribution to your goal achievement.