Catholicism Quotes

Jesus died to forgive our sins. Dare we make his martyrdom meaningless by not committing them?-Jules Feiffer


I would not believe in the Gospel if the authority of the Catholic Church did not move me to do so-Saint Augustine

We don't call a man mad who believes that he eats God, but we do the one who says he is Jesus Christ-Claude Adrien Helvetius


If all the bones of all the victims of the Catholic Church could be gathered together, a monument higher than all the pyramids would rise-Robert Green Ingersoll


Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live (John 11:25).-Bible


The Bible remained for me a book of books, still divine - but divine in the sense that all great books are divine which teach men how to live righteously.-Joseph Joubert


Anyone who is to find Christ must first find the church. How could anyone know where Christ is and what faith is in him unless he knew where his believers are?-Martin Luther


(The Catholic Church must) clean out the pedophiles, break up the gay cliques, tighten up the seminary, and restore the good name of the priesthood-Andrew Greeley


For Catholics before Vatican II, the land of the free was pre-eminently the land of Sister Says-except, of course, for Sister, for whom it was the land of Father Says.-Wilfrid Sheed


Let Catholic writers take care when defending the cause of the proletariat and the poor not to use language calculated to inspire among the people aversion to the upper classes of society - Unknown


When Catholicism goes bad it becomes the religion of amulets and holy places and priestcraft: Protestantism, in its corresponding decay, becomes a vague mist of ethical platitudes-C.S. Lewis


You don't need to be Catholic to be Catholic anymore. If you dissent, you don't get out. Martin Luther looks like a prince compared to these people because he knew when it was time to go.-James P. McFadden


On the Catholic priesthood: I refuse to consider anything said to me about saving my soul by any man who spends all his time with one hand on the Bible and his other hand thrust down the pants of an adolescent child. I don?t want to hear it.-Anthony Beal


The great achievement of the Catholic Church lay in harmonizing, civilizing the deepest impulses of ordinary, ignorant people. -Kenneth Clark


Catholicism is not a soothing religion. It's a painful religion. We're all gluttons for punishment. -Madonna


There's nothing like a Catholic wedding to make you wish life had a fast forward button. -Daniel Chopin


If I were going to convert to any religion I would probably choose Catholicism because it at least has female saints and the Virgin Mary.- Margaret Atwood


The worship of Mary transformed Catholicism from a religion of terror - perhaps necessary in the Dark Ages - into a religion of mercy and love. -Will Durant


If you're going to do a thing, you should do it thoroughly. If you're going to be a Christian, you may as well be a Catholic. -Muriel Spark


It is now for the Catholic Church to bend herself to her work with calmness and generosity. -Pope John XXIII


It is difficult to believe in a religion that places such a high premium on chastity and virginity. -Madonna

Again, conventional Catholicism does not much appeal to me.-Paul Farmer


Catholicism is a wide tent in terms of political and legal positions. We could have nine Catholics on the Supreme Court and a great deal of diversity toward the law.-Cass Sunstein


Catholicism is not a soothing religion. It's a painful religion. We're all gluttons for punishment.-Madonna Ciccone


I had a born-again experience at the age of 33. As a result of that I found a church where I felt I was being fed properly. I don't say that as a reflection on Catholicism. But once I was born again, I got an evangelical spirit.-Bill McCartney


I suppose you could sum up the religious aspects of my boyhood by saying it was a time of life when I was taught the difference between right and wrong as it specifically applied to Catholicism.-Robert Vaughn


I would say that, intellectually, Catholicism had no more impact on me than did social theory.-Paul Farmer


If I were going to convert to any religion I would probably choose Catholicism because it at least has female saints and the Virgin Mary.-Margaret Atwood


In a way Australia is like Catholicism. The company is sometimes questionable and the landscape is grotesque. But you always come back.-Thomas Keneally


Show business offers more solid promises than Catholicism.-John Guare


Well, I think that Catholicism's basic foundation of faith is personal conscience. I think it's between you and God, not you and the Church.-Martin Sheen


When she was younger, my mother was quite committed to Roman Catholicism. But she got disillusioned with it and moved closer to something like Buddhist beliefs near the end of her life.-Ralph Fiennes


When the problems in Northern Ireland started, it was not a question of Protestantism or Catholicism, because the Catholic church was the only church at that time-it was a nationalist conflict.-Harri Holkeri

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