Common Sense Quotes

Theologians always try to turn the Bible into a book without common sense. - Georg Christoph Lichtenberg


Why level downward to our dullest perception always, and praise that as common sense? The commonest sense is the sense of men asleep, which they express by snoring. - Henry David Thoreau


The philosophy of one century is the common sense of the next. - Henry Ward Beecher


Men may change their climate, but they cannot change their nature. A man that goes out a fool cannot ride or sail himself into common sense. - Joseph Addison


Common sense is the most fairly distributed thing in the world, for each one thinks he is so well-endowed with it that even those who are hardest to satisfy in all other matters are not in the habit of desiring more of it than they already have. - Rene Descartes


We seldom attribute common sense except to those who agree with us. - Francois de la Rochefoucauld


Common sense is the knack of seeing things as they are, and doing things as they ought to be done. - Harriet Elizabeth Beecher Stowe


I have great confidence in the common sense of mankind in general. - Thomas Jefferson


Everybody thinks himself so well supplied with common sense that even those most difficult to please, never desire more of it than they already have. - Rene Descartes


After a week of back and forth, and forth and back over firearms, it's good to see a consensus developing on this common-sense amendment to keep handguns away from children.-Herb Kohl


I had an instinctive feeling that the people who have little or no school training should have something coming into their homes weekly which dealt with their problems in a simple, helpful way... so I wrote in a plain, common-sense way on the things that concerned our people.-Ida B. Wells


I never have known a man of ordinary common-sense who did not urge upon his sons, from earliest childhood, doctrines of economy and the practice of accumulation.-William Graham Sumner


I'm a common-sense kind of guy.-Robert M. Parker, Jr.


There are no right and wrong ways to work in this business, but there are some basic common-sense practices. Work very, very hard and always be prepared; never give up; and once you get the job, give them more than they ever expected: - Shine!-Jimmy Smits


This battle for 'common-sense' gun control laws pits emotion and passion against logic and reason. All too often in such a contest, logic loses. So, expect more meaningless, if not harmful, 'gun control' legislation. Good news - if you're a crook.-Larry Elder


This week I was proud to join with my colleagues to help pass two important, common-sense pieces of legislation that will limit the frivolous lawsuits by trial attorneys and personal injury lawyers that clog our courts and hurt our small businesses.-Bob Ney


Commonsense is the realised sense of proportion.-Mohandas Gandhi


I rise today in strong support of the Children's Safety and Violent Crime Reduction Act, because it is a commonsense way to protect our schoolchildren from pedophiles.-Ric Keller


Moreover, from reforming the tax code to our immigration system, to commonsense legal reform, President Bush put America on notice that he will continue fighting to make the country, and the world, a better place for future generations.-Jim Sensenbrenner


The implications of these considerations justify the statement that all empirically verifiable knowledge even the commonsense knowledge of everyday life - involves implicitly, if not explicitly, systematic theory in this sense.-Talcott Parsons


The purpose of Compulsory Education is to deprive the common people of their commonsense.-Gilbert K. Chesterton


While there are no easy solutions to this problem, the Deficit Reduction Act gets us started in the right direction by beginning with the most obvious, commonsense reforms to save taxpayer dollars.-Jim Ryun

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