competition Quotes

If you're not making mistakes, you're not taking risks, and that means you're not going anywhere. The key is to make mistakes faster than the competition, so you have more changes to learn and win. - John W. Holt, Jr. Quotes

Battle is the most magnificent competition in which a human being can indulge. It brings out all that is best; it removes all that is base. All men are afraid in battle. The coward is the one who lets his fear overcome his sense of duty. Duty is the essence of manhood. - General George S. Patton Quotes

The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be only sustainable competitive advantage. - Arie de Geus Quotes

A competitor will find a way to win. Competitors take bad breaks and use them to drive themselves just that much harder. Quitters take bad breaks and use them as reasons to give up. It's all a matter of pride. - Nancy Lopez Quotes

A competitive world offers two possibilities. You can lose. Or, if you want to win, you can change. - Henry Ford Quotes

Competition is not only the basis of protection to the consumer, but is the incentive to progress. - Herbert Hoover Quotes

You can't just beat a team, you have to leave a lasting impression in their minds so they never want to see you again - Mia Hamm Quotes

The essence of competitiveness is liberated when we make people believe that what they think and do is important - and then get out of their way while they do it. - Jack Welch Quotes

Competition creates better products, alliances create better companies.- Brian Graham Quotes

Competition brings out the best in products and the worst in people. - David Sarnoff Quotes

Competition is a process or variety of habitual behavior that grows out of a habit of mind. - Willard Beecher Quotes

The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be only sustainable competitive advantage. - Arie de Geus Quotes

Besides winning, [the most fun thing is] getting out there and mixing it up with friends; it's the competition. - Al Unser, Jr. Quotes

Surely the best way to meet the enemy is head on in the field and not wait till they plunder our very homes. - Oliver Goldsmith Quotes

Competition is the whetstone of talent. - Traditional Proverb Quotes

When you want to win a game, you have to teach. When you lose a game, you have to learn. - Tom Landry Quotes

When you have them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow. - Jerry Martin Quotes

Race, what is that? Race is a competition, somebody winning and somebody losing. . . . Blood doesn't run in races! Come on! - Beah Richards Quotes

These are the days when it takes all you've got just to keep up with the losers. - Robert Orpen Quotes

Like many businessmen of genius he learned that free competition was wasteful, monopoly efficient. And so he simply set about achieving that efficient monopoly. - Mario Puzo Quotes

Win or lose, do it fairly.- Knute Rockne Quotes

In business, the competition will bite you if you keep running; if you stand still, they will swallow you. - William Knudsen Quotes

Every man in the world is better than someone else and not as good someone else. - William Saroyan Quotes

Live daringly, boldly, fearlessly. Taste the relish to be found in competition -- in having put forth the best within you - Henry J. Kaiser Quotes

Enjoy the successes that you have, and don't be too hard on yourself when you don't do well. Too many times we beat up on ourselves. Just relax and enjoy it. - Patty Sheehan Quotes