Dad Quotes

It is a wise father who knows his child. But maybe it's a very wise child who takes time to know his father.-Anonymous

A wise son maketh a glad father. - Proverbs 10:1

I just owe almost everything to my father [and] it's passionately interesting for me that the things that I learned in a small town, in a very modest home, are just the things that I believe have won the election.- Margaret Thatcher

By the time a man realizes that maybe his father was right, he usually has a son who thinks he's wrong.- Charles Wadsworth

Fifth Commandment: Honor thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.- Exodus 20:12

One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.- George Herbert

My father always told me, 'Find a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life.'- Jim Fox

I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father's protection.- Sigmund Freud

Any man can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a dad.- Anne Geddes

Life was a lot simpler when what we honored was father and mother rather than all major credit cards.- Robert Orben

My father didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.- Clarence Budington Kelland

What a father says to his
children is not heard by the world,
but it will be heard by posterity.- Jean Paul Richter

A man's children and his garden both reflect the amount of weeding done during the growing season.-- Unknown

No man can possibly
know what life means, what the
world means, until he has a child and loves it. And
then the whole universe changes
and nothing will ever again seem
exactly as it seemed before.- Lafcadio Hearn

Fathers, don't aggravate your children. If you do, they will become discouraged and quit trying.- Colossians 3:21

Thank you for being interested. Doesn?t sound much?but it meant just about everything.- Pam Brown

That is the thankless position of the father in the family-the provider for all, and the enemy of all.- J. August Strindberg

In the baby lies the
future of the world.
Mother must hold the baby close
so that the baby knows it is his
world but the father must take him to
the highest hill so that he can see
what his world is like.- Mayan Indian Proverb

Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers, singers of songs.- Pam Brown

My son, obey your father's commands, and don't neglect your mother's teaching.- Proverbs 6:20

My grandfather always said that living is like licking honey off a thorn.- Louis Adamic

A new father quickly learns that his child invariably comes to the bathroom at precisely the times when he's in there, as if he needed company. The only way for this father to be certain of bathroom privacy is to shave at the gas station.- Bill Cosby

I watched a small man with thick calluses on both hands work fifteen and sixteen hours a day. I saw him once literally bleed from the bottoms of his feet, a man who came here uneducated, alone, unable to speak the language, who taught me all I needed to know about faith and hard work by the simple eloquence of his example.- Mario Cuomo

My father said, 'Politics asks the question: Is it expedient? Vanity asks: Is it popular? But conscience asks: Is it right?'- Dexter Scott King

A dramatic thing, the first time you stand up to your dad.-Lenny Kravitz

A father is a man who expects his son to be as good a man as he meant to be, A father is someone who carries pictures where his money used to be.-Frank Howard Clark

A father is always making his baby into a little woman. And when she is a woman he turns her back again.-Enid Bagnold

A father's disappointment can be a very powerful tool.-Michael Bergin

A man knows when he is growing old because he begins to look like his father.-Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Aeneas carried his aged father on his back from the ruins of Troy and so do we all, whether we like it or not, perhaps even if we have never known them.-Angela Carter

All the learnin' my father paid for was a bit o' birch at one end and an alphabet at the other.-George Eliot

An angry father is most cruel towards himself.-Publilius Syrus

As a little girl I used to daydream about my real father coming on a white horse to rescue me.-Christine Keeler

As Daddy said, life is 95 percent anticipation.-Gloria Swanson

Babies don't need fathers, but mothers do. Someone who is taking care of a baby needs to be taken care of.-Amy Heckerling

Because of my father, we are that Shining City on a Hill.-Michael Reagan

Being a father helps me be more responsible... you see more things than you've ever seen.-Kid Rock

Being a father to my family and a husband is to me much more important than what I did in the business.-Tom Bosley

Being a father, being a friend, those are the things that make me feel successful.-William Hurt

But I have to be careful not to let the world dazzle me so much that I forget that I'm a husband and a father.-Herbie Hancock

But the love of adventure was in father's blood.--Buffalo Bill

Child-rearing is my main interest now. I'm a hands-on father.-Sean Penn

Dad taught me everything I know. Unfortunately, he didn't teach me everything he knows.-Al Unser

Dad was the only adult male I ever trusted.-Michael Reagan