Hazing Quotes

Any violations of the university's hazing regulations are serious offenses.- Pablo Malavenda


Unfortunately, no tangible breakthrough was made with regard to crime in the army, where hazing accounts for 25% of crimes. Altogether, 2,609 servicemen were convicted of crimes of this kind.- Alexander Savenkov


That kind of behavior is not tolerated on our team nor will it be tolerated in our athletic department. Hazing and intolerance is not part of our culture at Washington.- Todd Turner


Hockey Canada believes in a safe environment for all players and commends commissioner Dave Branch and the Ontario Hockey League for its stance on hazing this past week,- Bob Nicholson


Hopefully, this prosecution and the significant sentences that were imposed today send a message that hazing is a crime that has serious consequences for its perpetrators,- Mike Ramsey


I can tell you, in the past five years, we've seen a continued and remarkable decrease in risk management issues, hazing issues and all that stuff continues to decrease year in and year out. A lot of that is because the type of men we are attracting to our organizations are the ones who are looking to do well academically, who are looking to get something out of college beyond the party experience.- Scott Thompson


The district definitely does not condone hazing at any degree. It sounds like this situation was an isolated case with particular individuals who, for one reason or another, allegedly carried out these acts.- Chris Valentine

The fact is these young men screwed up. They made some poor decisions. They're still good kids, but, in our organization, hazing is hazing is hazing.- Jim Griffith


In no way, shape or form can we tolerate hazing in our chapters.- Jim Griffith


It is essential that we continue to educate administrators, coaches, parents, players, staff and volunteers on the negative effects of hazing.- Bob Nicholson


Unfortunately, no tangible breakthrough was made with regard to crime in the army, where hazing accounts for 25 percent of crimes. Altogether, 2,609 servicemen were convicted of crimes of this kind.- Alexander Savenkov


It was supposed to be a very friendly, very self-esteem building environment for women. Compared to VMI, which is not at all friendly, it is basically a series of hazing, and it is all about challenge, all about challenge all the time.- Margo Schlanger


He lost his life not because of the hazing incident, but because of the investigation of the hazing incident,- Curt Weldon


There's no hazing or anything like that. Coach Jones has created an atmosphere where we're a family. He's like the dad telling the older siblings not to pick on the young ones.- Daniel Kelly


Any form of hazing must be eradicated from our league. I feel comfortable in stating that the activity which occurred on the Spitfires bus is not common and will never be tolerated.- David Branch


We are not stepping back to a time when we are going to have anything even approaching hazing.- Johnny Whitaker


We considered torture, but since it was a life term we felt hazing was a more appropriate charge,- Mike Ramsey


Any efforts of that type that offer alternatives to hazing are welcomed and supported by the university.- LaNedra Carroll


They knew this kind of hazing went on and they allowed it to go on for years, ... For them to say they didn't know about it is a bold-faced lie.- Robert Kelly


The league has a zero-tolerance policy on hazing and the league must make a very strong statement against it. Any form of hazing must be eradicated.- Dave Branch


There has been a lot of suspicious, maybe hazing, deaths in the last couple of years-in the last five or six years.- Donna Leon

She indicated that this was a hazing incident with racial overtones, and she felt it was serious.- Michael Sommermeyer


Hazing is not breaking the rules, it is the rule itself.- Alexander Golts


Hazing is not just a Greek issue.- Willie Banks


Hazing isn't going to be tolerated at the university, and I know that's the mood of the organization at the national level.- LaNedra Carroll


You don't see much hazing. Most people are smart, educated individuals who don't want to subject themselves to ridicule or nonsense.- Kyle Schmidt


We will do anything and everything the campus asks us to do. We want to make sure the right thing is being done and the correct thing is being done. We never foster an atmosphere of hazing.- Brian Carduff


We've got to come up with some better solutions. The situation now is we're in a constant state of hazing. It doesn't seem to be solving all the problems. We may be able to do things better and cheaper.- Hal Harper


Andover was like a monastery back then. We worked all the time. The hazing was ferocious-I still hate to think about it.- Tracy Kidder


Any violations of the university's hazing regulations are serious offenses. Because Delta Chi was already on probation with the university, we decided to suspend the fraternity effective immediately.- Pablo Malavenda


It's a little disingenuous to say you can't coach because you allowed this hazing to take place, but we're going to let you continue teaching,- Robert Kelly


My dad was in a fraternity back in the 1950s, and they sound really fun back then. Nowadays they sound like they can get a little heavy-duty in terms of the hazing and the drinking. I'm not so much into the idea of being made to do a bunch of insane stuff just so I can have the privilege of hanging around certain people... That's probably why I was never in a fraternity.- Luke Wilson


You cannot do hazing. If you're stupid enough to do hazing now ... you'll pay the price.- Don Cherry


Hazing is where bullying becomes most clear, or where it is most simply enacted, because you can really see the negative acts form a pattern and you can also see an imbalance of power.- Stuart Green


We're very early in this movement to address the most common form of violence there is for children, which is bullying, and hazing is a type of bullying. Hazing in children is caused by adults, through modeling hazing behavior and responding inadequately when it occurs. That creates hazing.- Stuart Green

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