Pilgrims Quotes

It is a pity that instead of the Pilgrim Fathers landing on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock had not landed on the Pilgrim Fathers.-Chauncey Depew


The mind of the Renaissance was not a pilgrim mind, but a sedentary city mind, like that of the ancients.-George Santayana


The Pilgrim and the Puritan whom we honor tonight were men who did a great deal of work in the world. They had their faults and their - shortcomings, but they were not slothful in business and they were most fervent in spirit.-Henry Cabot Lodge


A pilgrim is a wanderer with purpose.-Peace Pilgrim


Any biographer must of necessity become a pilgrim a peripatetic, obsessed literary pilgrim, a traveler with four eyes.-Leon Edel


At least the Pilgrim Fathers used to shoot Indians: the Pilgrim Children merely punch time clocks.-E.E.Ccummings


In my case Pilgrim's Progress consisted in my having to climb down a thousand ladders until I could reach out my hand to the little clod of earth that I am.-Carl Jung


It certainly is the duty of every true Christian, to esteem himself a stranger and pilgrim in this world; and as bound to use earthly blessings, not as means of satisfying lust or gratifying wantonness, but of supplying his absolute wants and necessities.-Johann Arndt

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