Pirate Quotes

You are without a doubt the worst pirate I’ve ever heard of. – Unknown


And don’t they wear the bulliest clothes! Oh no! All gold and silver and diamonds,” said Joe, with enthusiasm. – Unknown


How much greater would their contributions to the U.S. economy be if U.S. copyright owners could access foreign markets otherwise dominated by pirate product?-Howard Berman


I don't really know much about pirates, or pirate culture. I'd be a contrarian pirate.-Todd Barry


I have played a boxer, a cowboy, a knight, a prince, an elf and a pirate. I am so glad to have done all of that already.-Orlando Bloom


It was a great experience for a kid, because it was a bunch of kids playing on pirate ships and water slides, so looking back on it, it was the fondest experience of my childhood.-Corey Feldman


It's not everyday you get to do a pirate movie, you might as well go for it.-Keira Knightley


Life's pretty good, and why wouldn't it be? I'm a pirate, after all.-Johnny Depp


My access to music when I was growing up was through pirate radio, you know, transistor radio under the pillow, listening to one more and then 'just one more' until your favourite track comes on.-Robert Palmer


Our hope is to deliver an incredibly fun and compelling game that will give the fans more than what they've been waiting for, and show a whole new generation of gamers how much fun it is to live the life of a pirate!-Sid Meier


Suddenly you're like a pirate, you're 65 years old and you've got an earring.-Fred Willard


The Pirate is surrealism and so, in a curious way, is Father of the Bride.-Vincente Minnelli


There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate's loot on Treasure Island.-Walt Disney


Until this movie I have played a boxer, a cowboy, a knight, a prince, an elf and a pirate. I am so glad to have done all of that already, and am ready for this phase of my career.-Orlando Bloom


When everyone around you is doing all this incredible pirate acting and you're having to sort of play the straight guy and move the story forward, you kind of want to be doing some of that pirate ripping it up stuff, but in truth, to be a part of that project is what I love.-Orlando Bloom


When I was about 5 I think, I desperately wanted to be a pirate and have the hat and everything.-Keira Knightley

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