Sports Quote

The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but that’s the way to bet.- Damon Runyon

Sports do not build character. They reveal it. - Haywood Hale Broun

What counts in sports is not the victory, but the magnificence of the struggle.- Joe Paterno

Players win games, teams win championships.- Bill Taylor

It's all about chemistry. Talent alone won't get it done.- Brett Favre

Our success has not been a continual series of victories. We have had a number of devastating setbacks; how these are handled is the making of a great team... winning does not happen in straight lines.- Clive Woodward

Sure, luck means a lot in football. Not having a good quarterback is bad luck. - Don Schula

The harder I practice, the luckier I get.- Gary Player

We didn't lose the game; we just ran out of time.- Vince Lombardi

They may not win, but they lose beautifully.- Jake

Aren't you interested in football? Only from an anthropological point of view. - Danny

Winning isn't everything. It's the only thing. - Henry Sanders

Being a professional is doing the things you love to do, on the days you don't feel like doing them.- Julius Erving

You gotta be a man to play baseball for a living, but you gotta have a lot of little boy in you, too.- Roy Campanella

It says, I think, that at root that we're children, or we'd like to be. And the best of us each keep as much of that childhood with us as we grow into adulthood, as we can muster... And even after we're past the point of being able to play the game with any skill, if we love it, then it's like Peter Pan - we remain boys forever, we don't die.- John Thorn

I have to offer only one amendment. In that place where the detective reports me as taking a lemonade at 3am, he's off. It was straight whiskey. I never drank a lemonade at that hour in my life.- King Kelly

There was a time when the National League stood for integrity and fair dealing. Today it stands for dollars and cents. Once it looked to the elevation of the game and an honest exhibition of the sport. Today its eyes are on the turnstile. Players have been bought, sold, and exchanged as though they were sheep instead of American citizens.- John Montgomery Ward

The secret of winning football games is working more as a team, less as individuals. I play not my 11 best, but my best 11.- Knute Rockne

We’re not giving away any football players who could hurt us later. I don’t mind people thinking I’m stupid, but I don’t want to give them any proof.- Bum Phillips

The strong take from the weak and the smart take from the strong.- Pete Carril

In Texas in the 1960s college basketball teams had been integrated, but there was an informal rule that you never played more than one black player at home, two on the road or three if you were behind. After Texas Western won the 1966 NCAA championship with an all-black team on the court, defeating an all-white Kentucky team coached by the legendary Adolph Rupp, the rules were rewritten.- Roger Ebert

According to Sports Illustrated, nearly half the high school sports injuries that lead to paralysis or death occur among cheerleaders.- Thomas Sowell

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.- Plato

The genius of the British lends itself not so much to the winning of games as to their invention. An astonishing number of international games were invented by the British, who, whenever they are surpassed by other nations, coolly invent another one which they can dominate for a while by being the only ones to know the rules... children in British schools are taught to lose gracefully, often at the expense of winning. The real encounter is won in the changing room after the event, in which the extraordinary grace of the loser makes the victory seem hollow and even vaguely indecent to the winner.- Peter Ustinov

Nothing reveals so much about us as how we play the games we play.- Q, Star Trek

Why should a player be denied the sheer pleasure and release of smashing his own expensive racket into pieces occasionally? - Peter Ustinov

Jimmy Connors has unleashed his new tactic, the Early Grunt. Now he has taken to grunting loudly at the instant of hitting the ball instead of just afterwards... Since the grunt travels at the speed of sound, it arrives in the opponent's court marginally before the ball does. Ordinary opponents try to hit the grunt. Borg was not fooled. Indeed he quickly developed a Swedish counter-grunt.- Clive James

Gabriela Sabatini looks like a human racehorse, a (successful) experiment in genetico-aesthetics... Her beauty alone scares the life out of her opponents—because tennis is above all an expression of personal power and, in the women's game, is closely bound up with how a player looks, and how she feels she looks.- Martin Amis

Pierce, the ninth seed, never was one for trench warfare. Rather like Nato forces she prefers to do battle from a safe distance, demoralising her rivals with baseline Exocets. But she was routed by Dokic's carefully constructed guerilla campaign.- Paul Weaver

It was like an alien abduction out there. Someone invaded his body and turned him into the greatest volleyer in the universe.- Jim Courier

Let's talk about cricket. It is the world's most mysterious game, and the world's slowest. The commentators speak a language that appears to be English except that all the nouns mean something else. There is aimless running about in a way that makes baseball seem dangerously athletic... Leg before wicket! Well-bowled! Bowling is what they call pitching; the pitch, on the other hand, is the actual field.- Jon Carroll

England were at once worn out but underprepared; complacent yet overapprehensive; inward-looking yet dysfunctional as a unit; closeted yet distracted.- Matthew Engel

They were so frightening, you even watched the TV highlights from behind the sofa.- Keith Fletcher

The Empire Strikes Back.- Nike advert

Like a sweet-natured version of the Nuremburg rally.- unknown

When they ran on to the field it was like watching a tribe of white orcs on steroids.- Michael Laws

Paris hasn't witnessed anything this ugly since Charles Laughton starting ringing the bells on top of Notre Dame Cathedral.- Martin Johnson

There'll be tears and beers in Temple Bar and Cork after this abject failure.- unknown

It goes to show that Dermot MacMurrough was wrong to invite Strongbow in in 1171 or whatever it was.- George Hook

If someone starts talking about pride today I'm going to vomit... The Apache nation had pride and look where they are. The bushmen of Kalahari have pride and look where they are.- George Hook